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    What is your favourite (location) music in Hoenn?
    To be honest, I love pretty much everything the music in Hoenn. XD My absolute favourites I have to say though, are the music of Littleroot Town and Route 120. I chose the former as my favourite because Littleroot Town is the place where I started my Pokémon journey, thus its music gives me a strong sense of nostalgia and happiness, and the latter because of its victorious feel.

    What is your favourite Gen 3 berry?
    Leppa Berry! It's based on one of my favourite fruits, which is the apple. Also, it restores PP, which are basically energy needed in Pokémon moves. Ethers are items that do the same function, but they're not sold in PokéMarts. Hence Leppa Berries are a really convenient way of doing just that. B)
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