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Helena Andersson - AUP Headquarters, France

"What am I doing?" Devon leant an arm on his knee, supporting his head with it as the other hand made circles on the cold floor. "I'm hiding, I suppose. What are you doing? Aren't you meant to be, like, in there? Licking my father's boots or something?"

Helena raised an eyebrow at that, first getting a little bit irritated by his nonchalant words. But then she thought about it from his perspective. He clearly didn't enjoy his situation now; he didn't even want to have dinner with them. Maybe he was jealous that his father gave the AUP so much attention but none to him? She sure knew what it was like to not be the one getting the most attention. Her smart and good younger brother always was praised by their parents for being good in school while her scores were nothing to celebrate at all.

"...Sorry," Devon then said, trying to make eye contact with her. Helena realized that she had managed to stay invisible for several minutes now. Without focusing on it. Did this mean that her skill was improving already? "My father's just a... yeah," Devon finished with a despondent voice.

Helena turned visible for him now, sitting against the wall just a little bit away from the boy. She wasn't really proud of what she had just done. Running off like that. "I... I got a bit... what Emil, I mean your father, said was a bit..." She didn't really know how to put it. "They sound like they don't like normal humans. They all have a grudge against them or something. I don't. My family are normal humans and I don't feel very un-human yet, to be honest. I'm just not sure that the AUP are the good guys in this story," she finished, thinking it was actually an elegant sentence. She had said it without thinking about it beforehand, but that was pretty much her fears summed up. She turned to Devon. "Are you? The good guys?"

Maybe Helena was seeing things in a little too naive way, black and white, but that was how her mind wanted to sort things to make life simpler.

"Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

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