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5th Update!
Skipped most of the trainers in route 8 since Chuchu and Potato were already over Lv.30
Spend almost all of my money in 2500 coins at the Game Corner
Exchanged those coins for a Pinsir and nicknamed it Killer :D
Taught Killer "Rock Tomb"
Trained Killer in the Rocket Hideout (The one under the Game Corner)
Crushed Giovanni's Pkmn with Killer!
Got the Silph Scope
Again skipped the trainers in Route 8 (I wanted to train a Haunter I would soon get in that Route)
Destroyed Scumbag's team with Killer!
Caught a Gastly and named it Nebula
Trained Nebula with all those Gatlys owned by the Chanelers (and the wild ones)
Nebula evolved into Haunter!
Defeated the Ghost Marowak with Killer!
"Saved" Mr. Fuji
Got the Poke Flute
Finally defeated the trainers in Route 8
Crushed all those Pokemon in Erika's Gym with Potato (And it leveled up waaay too much)

My Team:

Potato Lv.36

Killer Lv.32

Chuchu Lv.32

Nebula Lv.31

Next is Digglett, the Hm Slave, but I didn't putted it in the list since its not actually part of my team
Next is Cycling Road, Routes 12, 13, 14 and 15!!
God, training never ends

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