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    Alright, a bit of an update I guess....I haven't been marking anything down since usually when I play I'm nto online ._. But so far a breif summary:
    ~Started game, named player RED
    ~Chose Charmander :3 Named him King
    ~Beat Rival (Named Green)
    ~Did all the beginning stuff, training Charmander
    ~King evolved into a Charmeleon just in time for the battle with Brock
    ~Kicked Brock's but with a few Metal Claws (I think thats what the move is :P)
    ~Went through Mt. Moon, beat Green again, cleared Nugget Bridge
    ~Finally got to catch another member: Oddish :3
    ~Trained up Oddish until it evolved into a Gloom
    ~Easily beat Misty with my new Gloom 8D
    ~Went down, did S.S Anne, beat Green again just as easily
    ~Taught Charmeleon 'Dig' and then murdered Lt. Surge
    ~Went up and caught a Voltorb
    ~Trained Voltorb on all the trainers I had skipped up to Rock Tunnel
    ~Stumbled around Rock Tunnel til i finally came out
    ~Quickly cut through Lavender Town and over to Celadon where I purchased a Leaf Stone and evolved Gloom into Vileplume :3

    And that's where I'm at...

    Shoot, no time to put my team in right's just Vileplum, Charmeleon, and Voltorb :3 I'll do a proper team update next time~
    to my infinity,
    you are beyond~
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