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Pokémon Platinum Plus


Since completing my first "hack" Pokémon Expert Emerald I thought I should carry on as it got a great reception upon it's release and therefore I'd like to introduce Pokémon Platinum Plus! If you are familiar with my previous hack then it will hold the same characteristics as that, difficulty increased, wild Pokémon edited etc. I am not too strong on scripting with the 4th generation but that doesn't mean I won't be able to learn how to, right? Again this is an enahncement to make the game more difficult so it's fun to play for those who enjoy a challenge!

I had such a blast creating Expert Emerald as ironic as it may sound, I thought I'd try it out on the fourth generation and so far, It's going great! I also know that my previous hack received a great amount of respect which is what drove me to start on this so thank you everyone!

Hack Information

Date Started: Saturday 14th April 2012
Hack Name: Pokémon Platinum Plus
ROM Base: Pokémon Platinum [U]
Patcher: Tsukuyomi V1


Increased Difficulty
All 493 Pokémon obtainable some way
Elite Four completely revamped
All Gym Leaders have a whole new team
Rival's team altered depending on your starter
Some Pokémon base stats increased (See Documents)
Evolutions changed (See Documents)
Moveset changes for certain Pokémon (See Documents)
Rematches are much more of a challenge
Whole Game dynamic intensified


More to be added...


Beta 0.5
can be downloaded

This beta is the first release and therefore has minimal edits, everything upto Eterna Forest has been edited so please leave feedback and have fun!
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