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I like the editor (even preferring to edit the PBS manually), it is more friendly to the new users.

I agree to merge the External Editor functions with the debug menu. If you do this, please put a option to access the debug menu in Continue/New Game/Options selection and put a confirmation to some options that change the PBS, mainly "Reposition all".

-Back button works in some debug options (like battle versus a wild pokémon).
-When tests a trainer battle can select if it is single or double.
-Put coordinates entry in "Warp to map". Sometimes I get lost in my own maps! Every time that the option is pressed a random ones is generated for the ones who like the old way.
-An option to pokémon in Day-Care, if they can, generates a egg.
-An option to refresh the map ('$game_map.need_refresh = true'), because when I am debugging and changing the switches/variables sometimes I need to exit and enter again in a map to activate some events.
-In pokémon menu an option to change the happiness.

Maybe "Toggle menu" is useless?

Probably isn't necessary, but what you think about an option to test wild battle, but with a pokémon with edited moves to test the moves?
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