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Originally Posted by Bobbyman46 View Post
I doubt she'll have a Wheezing, considering that since she only has two pokemon, they probably wont have something evolved. Most of the first gym leaders don't. She'll probably have 2 koffings or something.
That would suck. It's like Elesa and her two Emolga. I want variety and not repeated Pokémon on their team, if anything Koffing and Scolipede would be the best for her.

Originally Posted by Jellicent♀ View Post
I like the idea of her using a Koffing in her team, to be completely honest.

I'd like to see a gym featuring the alien psychic Pokemon. Maybe like, later in the game the gym Leader have Beheeyem as his/her main Pokemon? And then the gym itself be like a crater field and designed to look like the surface of the moon/Mars, and you use what looks like mine carts on tracks to get from point A to point B in the gym!
I can't see them rebuilding their gym after the Elite Four, haha. But that sounds pretty cool. Seems like it would more fit a Psychic type Gym? I'd rather not have one if we're going to have a Poison type (and hopefully a Dark type too!).

@Toujours - You're actually right. An Iris and Drayden double battleee! Very cool.

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