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    Originally Posted by Vsjester13 View Post
    As i thought i got i lost and now give to you A Sadistic Bastard the Marsh Badge

    A simple thing called Trick room
    Oh ok. You used Infernape on a trick room team?

    Originally Posted by Karpman View Post
    Hey um this is actually really really cool in theory although I lack wifi so I cant participate. Anyways I'd probably throwout the Ubers rule since they're generally far too powerful and uncompetitive against OU Pokemon and the league's primary focus seems to be OU. At the very least I'd maybe reccomend allowing Ubers that were previously suspects [not initially banned ones, which includes Manaphy, Shaymin-S, Darkrai,, Garchomp, Excadrill, Thundurus, Blaziken, Deoxys-S although Darkra
    i and Shaymin-S are largely considered 'broken' in OU play]. Probably only allowing 1 or 2 suspects for a high price would be best.

    Good luck with the league :]
    Blaziken > Shaymin-S

    Blaziken is worse in OU. That thing has swept my team everytime I've faced it. Garchomp isn't really broken in OU. It's just a faster Haxorus with sandveil. I don't think it deserved the ban. Excadrill is so easy to counter. I'm suprised it got banned.

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