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    I am planning a new fanfic that I will work on during my Spring Break.

    It will be based off an old RP called "Deadly Alliance" from PE2K, created by Dark Amethyst.

    In the plot. Ash Ketchum turns to the side of Team Rocket, after Giovanni tricks the ten-year-old into believing that he is Giovanni's son.

    Meanwhile, Giovanni has power in the mainlands of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova, having some of his agents eliminate Teams Magma, Aqua, Galactic, and Plasma, then brainwashing the remaining members to join Team Rocket.

    Giovanni wants to, obviously, rule the world with an iron fist, killing those who oppose him, and enslaving those who can't stand up to join the growing rebellion.

    On a remote Island, victims of the Rockets' tyranny are starting a rebellion, ordered by Arceus. They call themselves "Pokemon Crusaders". So far, the small subgroups in the Crusader base are the White Ninjas (Normal and Flying specialists), the Brown Berserkers (Fighting, Rock, and Ground specialists), the Red Gladiators (Fire specialists), the Green Samurai (Grass and Bug Specialists), the Yellow Spartans (Electric specialists), the Purple Gurus (Psychic, Ghost, and Poison specialists), the Blue Pirates (Water and Ice specialists), the Black Knights (Dark specialists), the Silver Hunters (Steel Specialists), and the Gold Vikings (Dragon specialists).

    The two founding leaders of the Crusader rebellion are a young couple whose wedding was forced to be postponed in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy involving a war on the Rockets. Eric Damon watches over the activities of Brown Berserkers, Green Samurai, Purple Gurus, Black Knights, and Gold Vikings. Peggy Owen does so for White Ninjas, Red Gladiators, Yellow Spartans, Blue Pirates, and Silver Hunters.

    Each chapter will have two sides: The Rockets and The Crusaders.

    Will good triumph over evil? Or will Giovanni finally achieve his goal of world domination?

    Read "The Rocket Wars" to find out. Coming soon to PokeCommunity!
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