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    Here's my main gripe with the new generation. The older generation of Pokemon feel like they blended into the "Pokemon World" while the newer ones do not.

    Whether it's because of how complicated they look, or because of how the Pokedex goes, they all just strike me as odd. All of the older Pokemon at least fit into some kind of ecosystem while the newer Pokemon feel a lot more, "forced".

    Me being older might be something that is affecting me, but there is no denying that the way some of the new Pokemon are projected is a bit odd. If I had seen someone summon a Siglyph or a Digimon Trubbish/Garbodor, I would not have batted an eye.

    This is what I mean about the ecosystem thing. A lot of the older Pokemon fit into the ecosystem. People complaining about Muk? At least it explains in the Pokedex that some nuclear waste or something combined with it. Eggxecute? The Pokedex literally says that they are technically seeds so it evolving into a Coconut tree isn't that unbelievable.

    A lot of the Pokemon in Black and White feel like someone came up with an idea, and then the next person threw a dart at a bard and that was the Pokemon's location. Cohagirius and Bisharp look like some kind of Yu-Gi-Oh card.

    I think the overall complaint with the new Pokemon is that they don't look, natural but at least with the older generations, they look like that on purpose and pretty much have a backstory that explains them while the newer Pokemon just looked like they creators just said "hey I think this might be a good idea" and just went with it.

    If you looked into your backyard, could you honestly imagine a family of Throh and Sawk frolicking? At least with Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, Tyrogue was created to give it more of a natural quality.

    Originally Posted by Moonmover View Post

    Generation I gave us:

    -Geodude, a rock with arms and eyes -Point partially taken
    -Voltorb, a ball with eyes -Pokedex states that this was on purpose
    -Electrode, the evovled form of Voltorb which is slightly larger and upside down -Pokedex states that this was on purpose
    -Grimer, a pile of snot -Purpose
    -Muk, the evovled form of Grimer which is the same thing but bigger -Purpose
    -Magnemite, a magnet
    -Magneton, three Magnemites stuck together
    -Eggsecutor (sp?), a bunch of angry eggs which evolve into a coconut tree (????????!!!??)
    -Mr. Mime, a.........mime.
    -Jynx, a woman in blackface
    -Porygon, an untextured 3D computer model
    -Koffing and its evovled form, Weezing, both of which are purple wads of yuk that spew poison gas

    Generation II gave us the Unown, a whole legion of Pokémon based on the letters of the alphabet.

    Pokémon have always looked that weird piles of random madness. That goofiness is part of what makes the franchise so endearing to me.
    About the Magnet line and the Koffing line, if they had been found outside of Magnemite and Cinnabar Island respectively; it would have been weird but they are not.

    Porygon was created. I will let you have Jynx and Mr. Mime. but I always thought of them as joke characters.
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