Thread: B2/W2: [Spoiler]A New Unova
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Originally Posted by Kaori View Post

Or perhaps parts of the region will have ice blocking out areas we shouldn't be able to get to until certain points in the game.
I could see that happening. It's not the first time it's happened in a Pokemon game. :P
I'm not too big a fan of hard locks in games, though. I wish for once GameFreak would let us sequence break so we could do things in a different order.
Wow, I just went way off track.

But yeah, didn't the Kyurem event in B/W have something to do with illusions?
Maybe he makes the world appear as if it's frozen at some point?
I'm not too clear on how that all happened in B/W though, as I put down the DS shortly after beating the game for some reason and never did the Kyurem event myself. ._.