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I've continued my Ultimate Black Challenge on Black, and made it pretty far into the main game.

> Picked Snivy as my starter, whom I used to defeat the first gym. After that, I caught a Blitzle that I named Zepari.
> Zepari couldn't handle Lenora well, so I trained it up to the level where it evolved. With my newly-evolved Pokémon, I managed to beat Lenora.
> After Burgh was defeated, I caught my second team member, Sigilyph. I named it Gephalia.
> I thought Elesa was going to be trouble for me, but with Zepari's ability Motor Drive and its move Flame Charge, it worked out very well. Clay did give me some trouble though, mainly with critical hits.
> When Clay was defeated, I went to the Chargestone Cave. When I got out, I went to the Celestial Tower to catch a Litwick. When I did, I named it Flamare.
> Saved on Route 7.


Zepari the Zebstrika, Lv 40 (♂)
Item: None
Spark, Flame Charge, Thunder Wave, Discharge

Gephalia the Sigilyph, Lv 40 (♀)
Item: None
Air Cutter, Light Screen, Psybeam (it also head Fly, but I deleted it.)

Flamare the Litwick, Lv 29 (♀)
Item: Exp. Share
Night Shade, Will-O-Wisp, Flame Burst, Hex
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