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    Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
    I uploaded the final version of Sienna to megaupload to keep it there for archival purposes for when I wanted to release it (yes, I finished the hack ages ago) and now I obviously cannot access the file from megaupload any more. The problem with this is that I hard deleted everything Sienna related from my computer and now longer have any copies of the hack on my hard drive so the latest Sienna version I currently have access to is the latest public release.
    Not like I even care (well maybe a little as I've actually played this hack way back then) but you serious with this ??
    Uploading rom files in Internet is illegal so even if Megaupload hadn't gone down, the admins might had removed your file anyway.
    Besides, what's so bad about keeping one or two different releases of a single 16MB hack in your pc ?

    But you ain't person who wouldn't have known this already...

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