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It was the day Cheryl was getting her pokedex. she was SO exited!
" Oh!!! i can't wait! " Cheryl yelled, and headed into the pokemon lab, with her two pokemon, plusle, and mimun. " Oh, hello Cheryl! i see your pokemon are doing well... How can i he-..." He was cut off " Professor oak! i need a pokedex! " Professor oak, very shocked, went to the table and gave her a pokedex.
( BOOM! )

"WHAT WAS THAT!?" shouted Cheryl "I think it was a voltorb!" said professor oak "WHY AREN'T YOU FREAKED OUT!?" Cheryl said in shock " This happens a lot... first it was my grandson, then team rocket.... then that boy with red hair. i'm not shocked at all... " " I... guess we will... save you? " She said, still very confused " Yes voltorb! keep exploding near those trees! we will get to the shrine soon enough!" said a man in a white suit with a blue 'f' on it "VOLT!" Said the voltorb

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" Cheryl said "Who do you think you are?!" "I, am Volt, of team Fairy! We are th-" " Team Fairy? HAHAHAHA! " Cheryl chuckled " That's wimpy! " Volt continued to talk, ignoring the remark " We are the people, who will retreive the Three fairy pokemon! That are, Celebi! Mew! and Jirachi! And just for inturupting me, i will battle you!"

To be continued....