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Chapter 2.

Cheryl sent out plusle and mimun ( Plus and minus abilities added. )
Volt send out Voltorb and Voltorb
Plusle used thunder bolt Mimun used thunderbolt, Voltorb and voltorb fainted

"NOOOOOOO!!! MY PRECIOUS VOLTORB!!!" He scurried off, with his voltorb in their pokeballs
"Well... i guess we should go to route 1...." She walked to route 1, and found a charmander. "Where are my pokeballs!??" Cheryl said angrily, While she was looking for the pokeballs, the charmander ran away " Aw darn it!! " She said, and she just walked to Viridian city to buy some pokeballs.

"Hmm..." She said... "It's getting late. I should to get some rest" So she walked into a random person's house and slept for the night, with plusle and mimun sleeping on the bed with her, with the owner of the house, steaming angry.