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    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    I like the editor (even preferring to edit the PBS manually), it is more friendly to the new users.

    I agree to merge the External Editor functions with the debug menu. If you do this, please put a option to access the debug menu in Continue/New Game/Options selection and put a confirmation to some options that change the PBS, mainly "Reposition all".

    -Back button works in some debug options (like battle versus a wild pokémon).
    -When tests a trainer battle can select if it is single or double.
    -Put coordinates entry in "Warp to map". Sometimes I get lost in my own maps! Every time that the option is pressed a random ones is generated for the ones who like the old way.
    -An option to pokémon in Day-Care, if they can, generates a egg.
    -An option to refresh the map ('$game_map.need_refresh = true'), because when I am debugging and changing the switches/variables sometimes I need to exit and enter again in a map to activate some events.
    -In pokémon menu an option to change the happiness.

    Maybe "Toggle menu" is useless?

    Probably isn't necessary, but what you think about an option to test wild battle, but with a pokémon with edited moves to test the moves?
    I'm not sure there's a need to include the Debug menu in the load game screen, since you can access it easily from the pause menu anyway. It's not that much slower to load a savegame before pressing X/Esc.

    You made some good suggestions there. I'm looking to see what people want out of the debugging features, and clearly there are important parts missing.

    "Toggle menu" is extremely useless, particularly as you can't undo it (you need to open the pause menu in order to toggle it back on again). I don't even know why that option exists, or when the player would ever not be able to access the pause menu.

    Regarding the "refresh map" option, which debugging options should have it happen automatically after using them? Changing switches/variables, I suppose, but are there any others? Should any of the options automatically refresh the map at all? "Refresh map" will also be its own option as well, of course.

    Originally Posted by FlipelyFlip View Post
    I would wish for the next verson an additional point by editing the trainer pokemon which defines the form of the pokémon. The function for shiny and dark pokémon is good, but I'd like to set it for pokémon like Unown to be an A, an C or maybe an K for the trainer battle.

    That's not a debugging option, that's just a game setting. It'll come eventually.

    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    I'd like to see an option to set Gender for Trainer Pokémon or maybe this can be edited through the script section itself I dunno... Just something I'd like to see!
    That's not a debugging option, that's just a game setting. It'll come eventually.
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