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    My mistake... In all fairness, the editor how it is, is fine, bar the few bugs it holds, looking at the way it is led out, it's fine in my opinion, personally sometimes having debug always on is sometimes annoying, especially when you are trying to test an HM, for obvious reasons, as debug can use HM's without actually owning them... I know somebody came up with a way to cancel this, but still annoying...

    Giving Essentials the external editors options I think would be a horrible idea, but, maybe adding ANIMATIONS to Essentials proper, possibly... The editor is good for this I think, but using Essentials would be more convenient...

    Maybe the editor/debugging options are a bit early of a work plan, to be worked on, seems alright to me at the moment, plus, almost everything the editor can do, anybody can do manually and in my experience, I think manual is a lot quicker!

    Do I think you can make the editor better than it is... Not particulaly!
    More convenient... Possibly!

    Unless anybody can come up with anything to prove/show any difference, I stand by that and wouldn't change anything.

    With your experience, there are alot of bugs and such that you should/could be looking to iron out, or, adding more features like the couple stated in previous posts.
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