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Originally Posted by FranzFM View Post
Nice hack!. This is what im looking for!. I would like to help if you want. I can be a one man research team! (y,know . Searching for tutorials,sprites,DP and BW complete .midis,map tiles,hacking tools etc. I have them all!)
Thanks sorry theres no downloads yet.
And yeah if u want man, I'm always chasing new tiles and sprites and looking for tiles no one else uses so yeah that would be good if you could find me tiles, ow's but nothing old looking im going for a new style and i need nice looking overworlds, like wesleys overworlds, but I have most of them :D

Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
lol i see u edited the previous comment to what u wanted 2 say *i thought it said 3 starters xD, 2 tired lol*. Well that is 1 reason why i chose it *not to mention it's 1 of my fav pokemon*. I also checked the other hacks I follow, & none of them had him as a starter.
lol yeahh Yeah well I'm thinking Beldum with new moves and evo levels, or should I stick with elekid and make the games rival have a magby? Ahh its so hard to make simple choices!! lol
Pokémon Ice Version

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