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Originally Posted by flubbateios View Post
Hi :3 I'm joining
Name: flubbateios (prefer to be called flubb)
Partner Pokemon: X-Ray the Rayquaza

Who would you prefer to use for competitive battling and/or as a pet or a friend? Explain your reasoning- Mewtwo vs Arceus
Mewtwo forever . Faster, hits harder don't mess with it.

Which Legendary Pokemon wouldn't you want to mess with?
Mewtwo again lol. in the anime... it hurts

Who would you prefer to use, Groudon vs Kyogre?
Probably Groudon, it's design is so cool, I recently thought of a strategy where I choice scarf Groudon and spam dragon tail :3
Welcome Flubb!

Hmm... I think we need a new topic, I apologize if we've had this before:

Non-legendaries that you believe should be legendary?

Myself, definintely Zoroark/Zorua, IF Phione is not legendary it should be, and probably Volcarona.