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    Originally Posted by Al3X View Post
    Well keep it up, im looking forward for more progess and such in the future!
    Thanks for the support

    Originally Posted by DiamondBlueMoon View Post
    I have a few suggest for you
    _ You should work more on the digimons' back sprites (It's kinda "solid", you know...)
    _ Would you mind adding Raidramon, the Friendship-egg-evolved of Veemon, and Zudomon please
    _ T.K's type must be Angemon's type, and it's Vaccine :D
    _ Friendship Leader should be Ryo Akiyama (Check wiki!)
    _ Last but not least, eat well, stay healthy and give us a great hack :D
    _ How about the movements of Digimons? Could you post us a list so we can help?
    _ Well, about the location names, I suggest you should search "List of location in digimon" and search the link on wikipedia, but I'm thinking of making a .docx file for you
    _ Maybe you should post a list of Digi-dex (like 1. 2. 3. 4. etc) and I'm gonna include that in my docx file too :D
    _ Is there going to be any events of legends? And is there any legendary digimons? :-/
    For the whole Vietnamese Digimon fans, we're waiting for your hack...
    Good luck!
    Some of the back sprites are finished but most are temporary. They aren't a very high priority for now, but we'll get around to them eventually.

    I really would like to add raidramon, but I haven't found a sprite for him yet. If I do then I'll definitely include him. If I don't then maybe I'll make my own. Zudomon is already in the game

    I'm considering making T.K.s type normal and putting him at the beginning of the game.

    Hmm I'll give Ryo a look.

    By movements to you mean attacks/moves? If so I've posted a list of moves somewhere in the thread thanks to MrElephant.

    Anything you can do to help would be awesome

    I haven't included the digivice order yet because their order isn't final. I still haven't decided how to properly organize them.

    MarineAngemon, Calumon, the two starters from dawn/dusk, and maybe a few more legendaries.

    Thank you very much.

    Originally Posted by DiamondBlueMoon View Post
    1. The gym leaders:
    First Leader: Davis � Crest of Courage (FIRE)
    Veemon (lv.10) Guilmon (lv.12) Flamedramon (lv.14)

    Second Leader: Mimi � Crest of Sincerity (PLANT)
    Vegiemon (lv.19) Wormmon (lv.21) Togemon (lv.22)

    Third Leader: Joe � Crest of Reliability (WATER)
    Seadramon (lv.24) Ikkakumon (lv.26) Zudomon (lv.30)

    Forth Leader: T.K. � Crest of Hope (VACCINE)
    Kyubimon (lv.29) Magnamon (lv.32) MagnaAngemon (lv.35)

    Fifth Leader: Yolie � Crest of Love (FLYING)
    Aquilamon (lv.37) Rapidmon (lv.39) Garudamon (lv.40)

    Sixth Leader: Ryo � Crest of Friendship (BEAST)
    Dorugamon (lv.41) WarGrowlmon (lv.44) ExVeemon (lv.46) WereGarurumon (lv.49)

    Seventh Leader: Izzy � Crest of Knowledge (ELECTRICITY)
    Cyberdramon (lv.52) Ankylomon (lv.54) MegaKabuterimon (lv.58)

    Eighth Leader: Kari � Crest of Light (HOLY)
    Seraphimon (lv.57) Gallantmon (lv.58) Nefertimon (lv.59) Ophanimon (lv.60)

    That's my suggestion
    Awesome thanks for the level suggestions. That will really help guide the gym leaders. Those aren't the final places of the gym leaders though. I'll probably figure out the order today though.

    Originally Posted by Adamina View Post
    No suggestion right now, just lots and lots of kudo and support! Woo! This seems to be going great - you've made loads of progress, seeing as you're are almost making it from scratch.

    A base patch I would like, because I want to see how things work., get my head around DNA digivolution and all the jazz (haven't watched Digimon for years, and even then only first season and first movie, so...).
    Awesome. I'm very excited for the base patch. I can't wait to see what people do with it.[/SIZE]
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