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    Yes, no problem :3 recently on Friday because I'm full of tests. And ironically, today disapproved the English test (The teacher hates me)
    The sad face is for a looong story, nothing to do with the sprite
    Hola de vuelta gente bonita![
    I have an idea for a new pokemon.
    It would be a pokemon, caterpillar, evolves in three different pokemons.
    These are the ideas:
    -fire in warm places (or using Fire Stone)
    -Ice in polar areas (or using Prism Scale)
    -electricity, in stormy areas. (or using Thunder Stone)
    - Water, on beaches or at sea (or using Water Stone)
    - Steel, in cities (or using Razor claw)
    -Dragon, at the top of the mountains (or using Razor Fang)
    -Ghost, haunted houses (or using Dusk Stone)
    -Fighting, gyms?
    -Roca, mountain (or using Moon Stone)
    -Flying, forests (or using Leaf Stone)
    -Poison using Sun Stone
    -Psychic using Dawn Stone
    -Normal using Shiny Stone.

    May also differ pokemons
    Evokie (all evolutions end in Kie)
    (I like the version on the left)

    Pokemon Caterpillar traveler
    Depending on the location (or object) this pokemon have different evolutions. It usually lives everywhere in the region and uses the great power of his tail to hit trees and then eat the fruit that falls from them. It uses its antennae to light in the dark

    I leave here, an adjustment to not use the color BLACK (000) because it means transparency in video games (sometimes).

    And as I plan to wear (do not laugh xD) to the bug leader.

    What do you think? Any ideas besides that.


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