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    Cira & Alex Gaile - Under the Vatican, Rome, Italy

    Days? Talk about getting lost in your books. As Alex was slightly amazed how quickly the pricks healed up, Cira accepted Otto's help and looked across signs, seeing labels like "Passive" and "Active," and a few more specific ones near them that acted as generalizations like "Fire" and "Earth," referring to the element they were influenced by, and plenty of signs labeled "Miscellaneous." After a few minutes of searching, he found a "Psychic" sign, which he figured contained his ability. It had a /few/ more journals than the rest of the sections, at least not including "Miscellaneous" numbers one, two, six and eleven. The Librarian must have acquired a damn good memory ability if he could remember where every single one of those journals were.

    After memorizing the Psychic section's location in relation to the rest of the library (albeit it very vaguely, like giving a non-English speaking foreigner directions from Paris to China... Texas.), Cira looked at Otto.

    "Could you show me where some of the more interesting journals are?"

    Meanwhile, Alex was showing the Librarian the iron bar he used over the day as the demonstration object of his ability, and asking him about his delectable tart recipe.

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