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Christian Calaway- Atlantean Mansion, Boston, England

"I can speak Italian!" Antonia said proudly, as if she was rubbing her heritage in everyone's faces.

"It was an accident," Kieran said, narrowing his eyes.

"…and a few others…" Antonia muttered as clearly nobody cared at that point. Kieran's intensity had consumed the conversation. In the corner of her eye, she could see Christian matching Kieran and the tension between them filled the air.

"And I've only been here a few days, thanks very much. I'm not an expert at being an Atlantean. How do you even know what happened? It could have been a group training session! It could have been sparring. It could have been anything that happened. It wasn't," he added to Oakley, who was slowly sinking into her chair, "but it could have been. My power was a reaction to a giant armoured... Oakley falling on me. My bones don't go away, okay? They're always there. It was an accident. She's okay, see? I've seen far worse things happen to other new students. Don't accuse me of anything. What did you do to Oakley that was worth apologising about?" he turned to Oakley, still worked up a little.

Christian's face twitched, feeling attacked and insulted. To him, Kieran was just making excuses for his actions. He could of done something differently. Maybe not be there in the first place? Internally, Christian shrugged. Kieran did bring up a good point, and it was probably what bothered Christian the most.

What did you do to Oakley that was worth apologising about?

Part of him wanted to answer, and express the regret of what he did. Christian had the best intentions in mind, as in he wanted to protect everyone else in the room. He acted in arrogance, believing he could control his powers. He couldn't. And now, any time he had glanced over to Oakley he was reminded of his failure. But there was a difference, at least from what Christian could tell. He admitted he made a mistake, acted out of character almost, and learned from that matured. Christian was ready to work to make up for mistakes and become a better person.

But anger was consuming him like fire, and the smoke from that fire was leaving his body. Small plumes of smoke rose from his shoulders and arms. It seemed for a moment that Christian was ready to launch a smoke blast at Kieran see how useful his bones would be then. But then he could feel a gentle be placed on his own. "Calm down," Antonia said softly in his ear.

"But…he…he.." Christian said through gritted teeth.

"I think he is beating himself up enough. He doesn't need you adding to it."

"I guess you're right."

"Of course I am," she said with a smile. At this point, Christian was beginning to make sense of the phenomenon of the better half. "You should apologize too."

"Now you are asking for a bit much," Christian said with a light laugh.

"Um, so you speak Spanish, Christian? ¿Sabes dónde los dormitorios de los chicos son?" Oakley had asked, probably hoping to change the topic completely. Kieran, of course, tried to be funny and interject his own Spanish phrase in the mix. Surprisingly despite not claiming to speak anything but English, the Spanish wasn't completely broken.

Christian had tried to process the Spanish, being a bit rusty having not spoken any Spanish for some time. "Lo siento. Mi español no es muy bueno. Pero sí sé dónde están los dormitorios. Son por el pasillo a la izquierda, sube las escaleras al final. Me puede mostrar si usted necesita la ayuda."

(OOC: This is easily one of the worst posts I have written in some time xD)

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