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    Originally Posted by pikachuFan50 View Post
    oh here is the finsihed version
    dude, i'd suggest reading some tutorials on outlining, its all over the place,

    you should try to keep ur lines much smoother and more natural. Its very rough, good pixel art requires patience, you cant just quickly sketch out an outline and fill it in with colors, you need to fix the lines, and constantly improve them. Also try to make the body poses more natural. No1's body bends in such a strange way...

    if ur just starting to sprite, may i suggest starting with pixel-overs till u get the hang of making smooth lines and creating good line art that can form a solid base for whatever u wanna do?

    Originally Posted by geoisevil View Post
    Mind critiquing these? The animation was my first animation ever
    nothing really to say, its a great sprite... outlining is good, color combo works, shadings fine... if u had to pick a flaw, it would be that it seems to be looking straight instead of where the pokemon may be, but that might just be me...

    Originally Posted by Xtrude View Post

    This is my first ever spliced Pokemon Darhon. Darmantian, Chandelure, Braviary, Magnezone, Shiny Marill
    for a splice, thats really rough... splices should try to mix the different parts of pokemon smoothly, instead of cutting pieces of pokemon up and putting them on to a base, try to merge them, make the individual pieces flow into each other, parts that need to be resized, could be redrawn, or resized and fixed...
    Neway, keep trying new splices focusing on merging the parts u take from other pokemon properly...