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Originally Posted by naczkens View Post
Oh, I just found a weird bug. Piloswine, and Mamoswine have different type of experience, so after the evolution and gaining one level, it gained actually 12 additional levels. That confused me really big.
You should change it, as well as the stats of all that added pokemon.
Alright, fixed the Mamoswine bug, and double checked the others for errors too. Unless you guys find any other errors, I'll go head and get the new bug-fixed patch up tonight.
EDIT: In looking back over my notes, I noticed an unused flag leftover from one of the old events, so I think I will use this to put back in something this hack originally lacked- a powerful final trainer.

Also, Glad you guys are fans! Hope you enjoy the hack!

EDIT2: The bug-fixed patch is up. Apply it to a clean rom, then give it the same file name as the old one and you can pickup where you left off. If you already have a Mamoswine that did the EXP bug, he will most likely do it again since his growth rate was changed to fix it, but new ones should work fine. Also, I would recommend NOT saving in Unknown Dungeon before you go to resume from the newly patched version. You should be able to save anywhere else though.

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