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Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
Nice update. Like the concept you added about hunting. Again great tiles. I was wondering if you have planes to change/edit the hero sprites or leave them as is?
Thanks qaz . Yeah, i have plans to change the hero sprite and backsprite but for that i need a little help to do the hero sprite/backsprite based in the OW that i inserted now.

Update time

Well for now nothing about the bounty-hunting, but two new's seems that three strange pokémon from a foreigner region where seen in Kanto, two of them you can see in the screens but the other one left remains a mystery.
The other feature is that door at the Pokémon Center, in Beta 1 you can see what is behind that door.
I changed the OW of the hero for is definitive OW, made a few corrections in the tiles(tileset 1), when you talk with a NPC it will appear it's class how you can see in the screens and i'm working on the Pokémon center interior palletes.
I leave the following question:
Should i insert some pokémon from sinnoh or not? and some more from Unova?

Tomorrow i will leave two videos and i will upgrade the story.


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