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    Originally Posted by chaos.agent View Post
    OK so i have no idea whats going on. i downloaded .7a and ive been trying to move on but chapter 3 says coming soon but youtube vids show chapter 3 is already out. i have no idea what to do after i take out lionheart. How do i break cracked rocks. Are the trophies supposed to stop after you beat the game? Where do i get charmander, and Totodile? This is a killer game but im at a block and need help cause youtube failed me.
    This is a complete revamp, Darkdoom decided instead of leaving us with nothing, he will break it up into parts, Totodile used to be obtainable by fishing, but it is now given out at the Academy instead of the Kanto starters, the Johto ones are now given out, Darkdoom has said that the next part which will include chapter 3 (and more, I'm not entirely sure how far of the top of my head.) so please be patient, they will come soon. Version .7b will be here before we know it.
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