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I'm accepted yay. :D

@Lightning: I can imagine how KH3D might feel like a spin-off after all the experimental systems the fandom has gone through since KHII, which is ironic, given that Sora and Riku star in it (but Chain of Memories was sort of a spin-off). Great to hear that the battle system has improved. Although one of the main selling points of the game, in my opinion, is how huge the worlds are, leading to platforming and exploration that I've missed for so long (returned largely in Re:Coded but yeah).

From that however, I'm not sure if they went a bit overboard with the huge worlds. I'm not liking the thought of having to pace through vast horizontal ground and battling Dream Eaters every step. And that Drop system sounds as if it's better gone than having it interrupt important battles or your own drive to see how a particular plot point is solved in a character's perspective. I hope they have a more complete Theater Mode when you finish the game, just the thought of missing cutscenes in something like that makes no sense.

Your school term's recently over, Lightning? That's great, you've got more time for yourself. :)


I'm slightly jealous that you started with the first KH. :P Although I have only played Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days before it, (completed the latter as my first finished KH game) it's still great to finish the first game in the series before the others, because then you'd get what Nomura intends to show you with the sequels. Especially with a series like Kingdom Hearts.

Interesting to hear you started with X-2. Even more interesting is it was good enough for you to play more of the series. I couldn't bring myself to finish the game, not because of the quality or gameplay (both are pretty good) but the notion of having only three characters with the plot focusing on just one main playable character didn't sound like a great premise. Thankfully, it does even out with the class-changing system ("Dresspheres") a la FFV, and with that, I'll probably try finishing it soon.

Originally Posted by KH Fan Bixran View Post
Omg, i laughed so hard after i watched this:

If u look at the end, even yen sid is going "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!"
I'll just tell people that it's a scene from KH3D's (very long) ending.
I laughed a little when I saw that scene for the first time, too.
[KH3D spoiler]
However, I am not particularly happy with Lea getting a Keyblade. It makes sense if they're going into another Keyblade War for KHIII, but it doesn't when you revive someone seemingly dead then give him a Keyblade on the same game, just because the fans loved him that much. Besides, I like him better with chakrams. I really hope things turn out better for Lea, since he is in for a lot of strong emotions from the fandom by getting a Keyblade. Just like Kairi from KHII. And speaking of Kairi, has anyone seen the Secret Ending yet?