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Originally Posted by apahllo View Post
it would nice to have the other regions in this game after your done with the ice. its kind of sad that we have all this cool new stuff in the ds games but are so limited to where we can go...(aside from the g/s remakes) they could structure it to wear giovani would be like 60lvl or so and the elite 4 in kanto would be uber awesome. providing a serious end game challenge.

idk how the level structure would be for the other gyms outside of the region but a seriously improved game is long over due from gamefreak.
Idk, that would seem pretty ridiculous. I mean, in just a little over a year they make a game SO massive? No. Plus, the only other region people would want right now is Hoenn. Hoenn is great, my second favorite region, but it and Unova are in two completely different continents. Not only that, but they're both great games by themselves, and should stay that way. To put in another game that connects two regions together would be way too much like HG/SS, and I think that would create to much of an outrage for them, that they wouldn't be even close to willing to make a game like that.