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    Originally Posted by chrunch View Post
    lol, calm down everyone. It was an April fools joke, you should be sceptical of anything posted on April fools. Yeah, the complete file is gone but you won't get it back by yelling at him. So is the legendary split storyline event supposed to be post-game?
    Well, first post, and it goes to you sir. I've been monitoring this thread for sometime, and honestly had no reason to post until now. It is greatly disappointing he did indeed lie to us, but how do you know his story is even viable? Sure, he has lied to us before, and now he is saying he has the full game completed, excluding the post-game and split-legendary storyline, yet he hasn't released it, nor has he gotten back to us. It makes me wonder, does he really even have that? Now I am not calling him a liar because I feel like it, or because I am butthurt, to be honest, hes worked really hard on this hack overall, regardless of his actions this April, so it's okay, but I am basing it off of what hes done in the past, and quite frankly, I don't know if hes being honest here or not.