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Brian Sheppard - America en-route to England

Brian felt a wave of relief come from Cobalt as he got into the car. Would this man really be relieved that I'm coming with him?, he thought. Brian decided to let the feelings stop from reaching him and instead chose to think about other things.

I wonder how long it will take for them to notice I won't be coming back for awhile? I know this is the right choice but I feel like I'll be hurting them all in the long run. Brian cared for his family and vice versa but leaving may just be the best way to take care of them. The thoughts seemed to continue forever.


It didn't take long for the two to get to the local airport and onward to England. Several times he felt confusion that wasn't his as they traveled. Some of it was about an Asian man and Caucasian teen, obviously them, while others were simply little things. All of it seemed to give him a massive headache. The plane ride had taken forever it seemed to Brian, though whether it was for the headache or simply the fact that it did take a while didn't faze him. He just knew it was slow.

After the plane, the pair had hopped onto a train heading for Boston where the mansion resided. It took an extremely long time and even when Cobalt tried to explain the point of the mansion to him, Brian's boring ride went unfazed beside for extra thoughts about the mansion/school and it being like Xavier's from X-Men, as well as some mixed feelings, starting with sorrow (or at least what Brian thought was sorrow), from Cobalt as the ride progressed.

Eventually they reached Boston and took a taxi car to their destination. The appearance of the mansion made Brian think even more of the old comics and cartoon. It was humongous and, after heading inside, the interior of the entrance hall and dining hall increased the thought. The teen watched as a couple people finished eating and was led to the table with food by Cobalt, who offered him some. Brian took the offer happily as even if he was an Atlantean, he was still a growing teenager with a bottomless pit as a stomach.

After being led to another table where they sat down to eat, Cobalt once again started to talk. “Before I show you the mansion and your room, I have someone who would wish to see you. The Oracle is a nice lady, then we can get you to bed, hopefully we can also get some training done tomorrow morning, how does that sound?”

"It sounds perfectly fine to me," he answered after finishing a bite of some of the best food he had ever tasted.

The thought of meeting the person who determined he was special was interesting to him. Would he be able to ask her questions about all of this and how he was, being an empath, a possible important piece of the puzzle. He absolutely wanted to know quickly. He finished the rest of his food and sat as he waited for Cobalt to show him to the important figure.
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