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Atticus Forsberg - AUP Headquarters, France

"Of course," Emil said, nodding polietly to Nikolai. "Would you like Cooper to escort you? All training rooms are on the third floor, you'd have to take the elevator down. Wade is already down there setting things up." Emil winked. "You can find out what his power is."

"Mr. Bernot? What do you want me to do?" Natalia stepped forward. Atticus repeated the question with a grunt.

"You two can take Annie to her room. She needs to rest. Get Gerard if you need to," three sets of eyes fell on Annie, who was playing with her fingernails. She had never liked how people worried about her.

"And your son?" Cooper asked with a frown.

"Leave him be. He'll come around soon enough," Emil said with a sigh.

Devon "Evo" Bernot - AUP Headquarters, France

Devon could now see the girl who called herself Helena. At least he recognised her now, he vaguely remembered her face. He didn't remember anything else though, or if his father had introduced her as anything else. She joined him next to the wall as Devon's eyes returned to his shoes.

"Are you? The good guys?"

"The good guys?" Devon made a face. This wasn't some kind of kids TV show where superheroes with super powers fought the super villiams. This was real life. As much as Devon hated it, this was his reality now. Still, as he thought about it, Helena was almost exactly like Devon... in a way. She had lived normally, then had been ripped from it out of the blue. And the situation they were in was almost like it was out of a Saturday morning cartoon so Devon didn't blame Helena for thinking like that. It wasn't, but it kind of felt like it. He tried to remember for a moment a scrap of what his dad had told him. "Um, well, I don't think my dad's a bad guy. He's such an ass to me, but he's... not a bad guy. I mean, he's my dad," Devon shrugged, "he drags me around and makes me do stuff I don't wanna do and talks to me about peace and crap," his circles on the ground grew a little more intense. "I just want to go home."

The elevator shuddered a little then groaned, starting to descend. It seemed somebody pushed the button. Devon lazily glanced upwards to see which floor had done so; nine. That was his father's (and his, but Devon rathered not refer to it as his home) living quarters.

"I think someone's looking for you," Devon looked back at the ground. Hopefully they were looking for Helena and not him.
(OOC: The elevator is Nikolai when he comes. :P)
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