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    Maybe is good to set a "false clock" to test time-based events or maybe this isn't necessary as you can change the computer clock.
    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    I'm not sure there's a need to include the Debug menu in the load game screen, since you can access it easily from the pause menu anyway. It's not that much slower to load a savegame before pressing X/Esc.

    You made some good suggestions there. I'm looking to see what people want out of the debugging features, and clearly there are important parts missing.

    "Toggle menu" is extremely useless, particularly as you can't undo it (you need to open the pause menu in order to toggle it back on again). I don't even know why that option exists, or when the player would ever not be able to access the pause menu.

    Regarding the "refresh map" option, which debugging options should have it happen automatically after using them? Changing switches/variables, I suppose, but are there any others? Should any of the options automatically refresh the map at all? "Refresh map" will also be its own option as well, of course.
    Regarding the debug menu in the load game screen, think about someone new to Essentials, he can have a better access to this options and even it is a good thing to show fast some Essentials features and make him more interested. And something can be annoying to create a save/do all the new game introduction thing to use the editor features. Wait... maybe is a very good feature to put something like: Hold control in Oak lecture to skip to the "Are you a boy or a girl" part.

    Regarding the "refresh map" option, I think that the best think is to make it only activates in its own option, because sometimes I want to test some switch change without refreshing the map. Or can have even a option to set it auto or manually in debug/settings?

    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    My mistake... In all fairness, the editor how it is, is fine, bar the few bugs it holds, looking at the way it is led out, it's fine in my opinion, personally sometimes having debug always on is sometimes annoying, especially when you are trying to test an HM, for obvious reasons, as debug can use HM's without actually owning them... I know somebody came up with a way to cancel this, but still annoying...
    You can play the game without opening RPG Maker XP, but I thinks that a Debug option to making this flag false (with confirmation, please), can be a good thing. I don't think that it can be useful apart of changing switches/variables.
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