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    Not sure if it's too old to post here but:

    Name: Kiriko

    Region: Hoenn

    City: Pacifidlog Town

    Layout: A straight forward path down a dark hallway to me: however, there would be trainers that you cannot see stopping you mid-walk from the sides to battle. A total of 6 trainers must be battled on the way up.

    Badge: #8 Penumbra Badge

    TM: Existing - TM95 Snarl, Choice: Night Slash

    HM Learn: Waterfall

    Team: Round 1
    Zorua level 35 - Night Slash, Screech, Taunt, Shadow Ball
    Umbreon level 37 - Pursuit, Take-Down, Flash, Dark Pulse
    Sharpedo level 38 - Water Pulse, Crunch, Scary Face, Aqua Tail
    Cacturne level 41 - Needle Arm, Brick Break, Faint Attack, Poison Jab

    Team: Round 2
    Zoroark level 70 - Night Daze, Night Slash, Nasty Plot, Flamethrower
    Umbreon level 72 - Psychic, Dig, Moonlight, Dark Pulse
    Sharpedo level 74 - Crunch, Night Slash, Earthquake, Scald
    Hydreigon level 76 - Crunch, Dragon Pulse, Outrage, Double-Team
    Cacturne level 78 - Needle Arm, Night Slash, Poison Jab, Grass Knot
    Tyranitar level 80 - Earthquake, Iron Tail, Crunch, Stone Edge