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    Originally Posted by FranzFM View Post
    Ooh! Nice idea! But how? Maybe a special ticket? Or you must pay? Any of them, its great!

    Offtopic: sorry for the double post, im using phone
    Nah more along the lines of an actual story, for example if you were looking for rayquaza then you would go to it's island and someone would be trying to steal it and you save rayquaza and blah blah blah.. lol u get what I mean?

    And that's okay, my galaxy does it too, its crap lol.
    **Oh those tiles you sent me are way to small, they have to be the exact size they will be in the game, like those trees u sent are the size of small rocks lol but thanks I appreciate it, I havn't seen a few of those tiles, maybe just send me the links?
    Pokémon Ice Version

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