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    What is your favorite Unova Pokemon ?

    Well when Generation 5 arrived, I wasn't at first fond of their designs. I felt they weren't exactly original-like. Not compare to what the first 4 generation's designs. Except for a few, Reshiram and Zekrom were amazing. Kyurem was a little strange, in my opinion until I learned more about it! But I'd have to say Reshiram is my favorite Unova Pokemon! I really don't know what else I would classify as favorites without her to be honest! CORRECTION/EDIT: I completely forgot about Zoroark! Excluding Legendary there's my favorite! xD

    What is your favorite Unova legendary ?

    Well I already answered this question to be Reshiram! Instead I'll interpret the question differently, who do I think is the strongest Unova Legendary Trio?

    Kami's- Landorus for certain, although I don't understand why he isn't Uber and Thundurus/Tornadus are?

    Swordsmen- Terrakion differently. Competitively he's a beast! But my favorite design has got to be Virizion and then Cobalion!

    What are your opinions on the Dream World ?

    Dream World has added whole new excitement and adventure to Pokemon altogether. I personally think it's an excellent add-on, and it can take you away from boredom if you need a break from Pokemon Black and White. The question I would be asking is, how would Dream World relate or affect Pokemon Black and White 2? Will they add a whole new level to Dream World with it?

    What do you think the story will be like in Pokemon B&W 2 ?

    The story will be completely different. I hope they don't have Team Galactic. MAKE A NEW ENEMY TEAM! But did I read somewhere that Team Rocket is coming back? I like the two new gym leaders, that Water Gym Leader, don't remember his name, and Homika, the Poison Gym Leader!

    If anything, I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to see Elesa back. She is my favorite Pokemon character in ALL of Pokemon. I will be so disappointed to see her absence. As well as Skyla but I love Elesa more!

    The traveling location, I think will be HALF the same, hopefully. I think we are going to experience a whole new game here, and it's attracting a lot of people as we speak. I don't think it will disappoint many!