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    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    Right I looked over this and my CURSE seems to be 10D, as it is in the scripts, as is in your newer ESSENTIALS... Plus that Fraps program I can't get to work... So I can't record using that... But I played the battle over again and it seems when I switch Pokémon, that's when the battle messes up! This is what I do, when I start the battle, I send out a MACHOP, which GASTLY or MACHOP can't really attack, so I just LEER the crap out of GASTLY, then send out a PIDGEOT, but, here is where the battle goes stupid, PIDGEOT can use, FEATHERDANCE and QUICKATTACK, (clearly QUICKATTACK doesn't effect GASTLY though), and when I use WHIRLWIND, it uses the correct message and fails... But WINGATTACK, does nothing, no message, no nothing, again, I started the battle but this time switched in WARTORTLE, WITHDRAW works, RAPIDSPIN, WATERGUN and BITE however do not, it's as if it sees the move but skips the effect in this case being the battle phase.
    10D is the function code, not the target. You want the red number as follows:

    185,CURSE,Curse,10D,0,GHOST,Status,0,10,0,00,0,,Tough,A move that works differently for the Ghost type than for all the other types.
    I can't recreate your problem with moves not working. Maybe you've changed something?
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