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    Chapter 6 - Part 2 – Dittos Fortune – Throwing Bibarel

    Somewhere in Fenton Region – Planet Fortune – Monday, March 8th, 3535. 1415 Hours.

    Poliwrath, Zoroark, Alakazam, Zangoose, and Pinsir began to kill the left over injured or wounded grunts from their small fight in the farming fields, near the village. Alakazam sat down for a quick break. And decided to loot the grunts for: goods, and any information about who they were fighting. He looted one and then went to the next, and the next. As he looted the grunts, he noticed something was off about them. He just couldn't quite put his finger on in. As he continued to look the grunts over, it suddenly hit him. The grunts looked exactly the same. He doublechecked all of them, just to be sure, and sure enough, each and everyone had the same face on them.

    "Commander," he said quietly, sounding like he was in total awe.

    "What is it?" replied Poliwrath, walking towards Alakazam and getting the attention of the other three.

    "Look at these grunts. Their faces look completely identical. Your claims may be possible…clones. Just think how useful the technology would be. I must search for it," said Alakazam in such excitement, playing around with the grunts face. As if he could figure it out by pulling on the face.

    As the team continue to talk about the clones. A group of villagers approached the team with pitch forks and swords.

    "Commander Argo, we are blessed for having you four here to defend our lives. We owe you our gratitude," said the village chief, bowing to give respect to the Argonauts, the rest of the villagers followed.

    "No need to owe us anything. We're just doing our jobs," softly said the Commander. Laying his hand on the village chief's shoulder, signaling them to stop.

    "We would be glad to finish off the remaining wounded, and let you continue on with your investigation," said one of the villagers, a young man with short dark brown hair, who was pulling his sleeves up, ready to do some hard labor.

    "Thank you. We'll be rendezvousing at the relay station with the rest of our team now," happily replied Poliwrath, walking with the village chief. The rest of the villagers continued with the Argos previous mission.

    "The relay station? That place was a grunt party last night. There will be lots of them still there," replied the chief, having a worrying vibe in his voice, waving at the Argos as they leave the fields.

    "That's why we were sent in. We solve everyone's problems," added Alakazam, beginning to proceed to the station, but also waving back.

    "I'll send out an evac for you and your village. I give you my word," said Poliwrath, reaching out his hand towards the village chief.

    "Thank you, Commander Argo. God bless your souls," replied the village chief softly, shaking Poliwrath's hand. He then watched as Poliwrath and his team disappeared into the crops of the field.

    Somewhere in Fenton Region…

    Mazda and his team returned from their failed mission. The three were badly beaten from their encounter with the Trojans. And they were resting until they had to be sent out again for the next mission. Their helicopter was traveling at top speed, its engines roaring, giving Mazda quite the headache. Mazda pressed his earpiece.

    "Commander Poliwrath, do you read me? Over," said Mazda, in the most strained and depressed way ever.

    "I hear you Commando. How did the front-line work out?" asked Poliwrath, sounding like he already knew the answer.

    "I don't want to talk about it," replied Mazda, getting a sudden sick feeling in his stomach as the helicopter lurched to the side.

    "What happened this time?" Poliwrath demanded, feeling like he didn't want to hear what Mazda had to say. But Poliwrath knew must know what had happened.

    "Well, you see," started Mazda, "it went something like this."

    Insert flashback moment here…

    Bibarel was clashing weapons with Trojans Shiftry and Sableye, and was losing, badly. As Bibarel was able to block Sableye's attack, an explosion went off on the hill a few miles in the distant, and the three stopped fighting to watch the explosion. Which had then set off several smaller explosions.

    "Wow pretty…" breathed Sableye, admiring the bright and illuminating, flaming light. She had always liked bright things.

    "Yup," added Shiftry.

    Bibarel was standing between the distracted enemies, and was also watching the explosion. But was snapped back to reality by the sudden seize fire. He quickly gave Sableye a hook to the face and gave Shiftry a Kanabo to the knee caps. Shiftry fell to the ground, and Bibarel, taking advantage of this, quickly slammed his weapon on top of Shiftry's head, killing the Trojan and quickly taking his dog tags. Then he ran for the hills.

    Bibarel didn't get very far though as Sableye jumped on Bibarel's back and elbowed him in the back of his neck multiple times.

    "Get the f*ck off me!" yelled Bibarel, trying to shake her off of him.

    He managed to flip himself over so that he was on his back and put his thumbs into Sableye's eyes, driving his thumbs into the jewel-eyes, driving them deeper into her head. He then crawled out from under her. Sableye was rolling in pain from a permanent blindness. Bibarel continued to run for the hill rubbing his neck from the pain. But as a pained scream cuts the night, he stopped. He looked back at Sableye. She was on her knees with one of her hands covering her eyes, trying, and failing, to stop the blood flowing from her sockets, screaming at the top of her lungs in pain.

    "Man I hate doing this," sighed Bibarel, feeling sorry for the Trojan.

    He turned around and ran back to her as fast as he could, and soccer kicked the Trojan in the head, snapping her neck and killing her swiftly. Soon after he crouches over her body and snatches her dog tag and continued to travel to the hill.

    On the hill…

    Mazda used rock throw and Gengar used Shadow Ball at Blaziken and Miltank, whom both simply dodged the attacks. They both then go on the offensive. Miltank was covered in steel armor that was made so she was still able to curl up into a ball, thus transforming her into a ball of steel. That Blaziken kicked her into the two Argonauts.

    The steel ball hurled towards the two, but Gengar simply phased through it, and Mazda batted the steel ball off to his right. As Miltank hurled off the hill, Bibarel was still walking up the steep hill just having managed to find the strength to leap up to the top. Just in time to see a massive steel ball traveling, at insanely high speeds, in his direction.

    "This is gonna hurt," he moaned, quickly putting his Kanabo in front of him as a makeshift shield. Just before Milktank smashed into him, throwing him off the hill and knocking him out cold.

    The other two were distracted with Blaziken as she attacked the two and went ape sh*t.

    "Yo Mazda!" yelled Gengar, engaging with Blaziken. But before he could do much of anything he was grabbed by his black and yellow, leather, hooded coat and was thrown into a burning building. Then Blaziken quickly faced Mazda and did a round house kick. Connecting it with Mazda's diamond hard skull. Launching him into a battle that was on going on the base of the hill.

    Stop flashback here…

    "And after that, it gets really blurry," finished Mazda, heaving a sigh.

    "So, if I understand correctly, you got your asses kicked…by Infernape's…" dead panned Poliwrath.

    "Yup…big time, we found her alright, and she's a Trojan now," Mazda explained, becoming even more depressed from the defeat as he explained it to Poliwrath.

    "All of you are still alive?"

    "Yes sir, I landed on a crowd of grunts, Gengar was able to phase through the fire before he was lit up and Bibarel somehow survived and called for evac, which explains our retreat. The frontline is gone and the casualties on the earth forces is massive."

    "Okay, what is you're ETA for Fenton?" Poliwrath sounded disappointed on the survival of Bibarel.

    "Ten minutes, tops."

    "Alright see you on the other side, Commando. Loyal leader out." and the computer went silent.

    "Yo Mazda. Where we be headin' now?" asked Gengar, who busy playing with what looked like a voodoo doll.

    "We are rendezvousing with the rest of Loyal at Fenton Relay Station," Replied Mazda, stretching and getting prep for the next mission.

    "What we going there for?" asked Bibarel concentrating on the dog tags he had taken from the Trojans he killed.

    "Cause yo momma is callin' me again, ya dig bro?" laughed Gengar, slapping his knee once and gives Bibarel a very creepy but at the same time a very seductive stare and wide grin.

    "I hate you Gengar. I freaking, f*cking hate you…you creepy bastard!" growled Bibarel, giving him a death stare.

    "What? You jelly I get mo' b*tches then you bro?" laughed Gengar, continuing to grin at Bibarel.

    "No I'm not jealous, not jealous at all," Bibarel quietly replied, staring into the distance. Clearly he was hiding something.

    Mazda then observes Bibarels body posture. His arms were crossed and was slightly slouched and his face had a very upset look, which looked like it was about to burst in rage.

    "Oh he's jealous alright," Mazda unnecessarily adding his comment and putting an unnoticeable smile on his face.

    "I said I'm not!" yelled Bibarel, punching his seat.

    "You mad bro?" asked Gengar, tilting his head to the side.

    "F*ck you two!" Bibarel continued to rage.

    "Relax bro, I'm playin with ya bro…punk *ss b*tch…"laughed Gengar, slapping Bibarel on the back.


    "Why so serious bro?" Shrugged Gengar, still laughing.

    Back at the station…

    Poliwrath and his team were walking on a bridge to another field.. Poliwrath pressed his ear piece and spoke into it.

    "Loyal Teams, report."

    "This is Ditto, we've entered the station and encountered some grunts but we've been able to handle them easily enough. The operation room is just in our sights."

    "Infernape and his team are scouting out the lower levels. While mine are on top side," added Sceptile.

    "We are just waiting for you and your teams' *sses, Commander," continued Ditto.

    "We'll be there real soon," Poliwrath ended, then began making their way through the wheat field. After a few minutes of walking through the tall and dense field, the team finally arrived at the outskirts of the field and had the station in their sights.

    The station was extremely tall, towering at about fifty feet tall. Its main base of structure and building was a large square shape and the satellite on top of that just made it colossal. You get the picture. It dwarfed everything around it.

    "There it is. Fenton Relay Station. Someone enlighten me what's so special about a building with a very large soup bowl on top?" asked Pinsir, in total aw of the station.

    "It's our eyes and ears. Without it we are doomed to fail. Didn't you ever pay attention in training?" growled Zoroark.

    "Yeah, I don't remember anything involving me learning anything that involves soup bowls on buildings. More I think about…I got yelled at for not remembering…scary yells, sounded like my vacuum sucked in a penny."

    "What?" yelled Zoroark in frustration.

    "Captain, just don't. Just give up, you'll never get a straight answer from the bug," added Alakazam. Knowing Zoroark is going to lose the mental and intelligence battle of who has the lowest IQ.

    "Alright Loyals, head towards the station now!"

    The team then slid down the slope and ran towards the stations gates. The gates were already blasted open. So they went through with ease. They then entered a medium size room with lots of vehicles and equipment thrown about the room. As they began to slow down. Alakazam's instincts finally got to him.

    "Okay sir, that was too easy," said Alakazam. Enlarging his spoons and getting ready for a fight.

    "Yup, we just walked into an ambush," added Poliwrath. Also getting ready. The others following their lead.

    Fifty or so grunts then rush out of rooms and surround the Argos, who then get into a defensive position.

    "Hold it right there Argo scums! Surrender now, or you will be killed!" yelled the commanding grunt.

    "Alright Argos take care of them. Eliminate all hostiles!" shouted Poliwrath. Engaging with the grunts, killing them with ease.

    Meanwhile…hundreds of feet above the station.

    "Alright you two, how do you want to get down there?" asked Mazda, adjusting his loose, thin, steel and bone armor and putting on his dragon skull helmet, before looking down at the station as he took out his four foot bone.

    "Yo, I got one!" yelled Gengar.

    Gengar gave Bibarel a cheap, slightly unnecessary, uppercut to the chin, grabbed him by the chest of his leather, thin steel, maroon and white Hayabusa Samurai armor and chucked him out of the helicopter.

    "F***ck yooouu!" yelled Bibarel. Hurdling towards the large station below them.

    "See you in the station sir. Leggo!" added Gengar, phasing through the helicopter.

    "Pilot, circle the station," shouted Mazda, jumping out the chopper and diving through the air.

    Bibarel was struggling to get into a proper diving position but was slowly managing to get into it. He sees the station in his sight and used a Hydro Pump to blast a hole into the roof's steel surface, thus making amakeshift entrance. Bibarel fell right through the gap and then went through multiple floors, as his attack had gone through multiple floors of the station. Finally landing on hard surface of the ground floor. Bibarel quickly whipped his Kanabo off his back, ready for whatever combat awaited him.

    Soon after, a dozen grunts turned a corner and halted in front them, preparing for a charge. Gengar then fazed through the ceiling and landed beside Bibarel, taking out his cipher. Before the two could charge, Mazda landed behind them and chucked his bone at one of the grunts, killing him.

    "Hold it right there Argo scums! Surrender now, or you will be killed," yelled the commanding grunt.

    "Why do they always say that, when they know they're only going to receive an *ss whooping?" wondered Bibarel. The three began to walk towards the grunts.

    "I don't know… but slaughter them," Mazda growled, sprinting towards them, completely unarmed.

    The two nod in return and charged towards the grunts as well. Gengar threw his cipher, beheading a few, while Bibarel blasted a few out of his way. Together, they worked their way to the control room.

    Chapter 5 – Part 3 – Dittos Fortune – Doodoo hits the Fan
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