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    Awesome, Yager. Added it right in.

    Also, sorry my post took so long to put up.

    Type: Thunder
    Weakness: Water
    The Raijuu's first stage looks like a weasel with dark blue fur, yellowish-white streaks bolting down from the ears to the tip of its tail. Normally calm and docile, the Raijuu can become a ball of fire and move around freely like a will-o'-the-wisp. It can become extremely agitated during thunderstorms, and gets to be extremely violent. In this stage, it's abnormally weak, more so taking advantage of its agility than its firepower.

    • Ball o' Fire (Fire) - Raijuu becomes a ball of fire, mostly for transport, but it's also used in tests of strength amongst Raijuu and can be used as an active attack.
    • Flame Tornado (Fire) - Spinning in a circle at increasingly high speeds, Raijuu creates a tornado covered in a blazing inferno.
    • Fire Spit (Fire) - Not normally through spitting, Raijuu can fire off fireballs in rapid succession at its opponents.

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