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    It took me a bit to figure everything out.. I just went by smogon's guide, a few youtube videos, TwilightBlade's guide, and a few other random things I researched.

    To be honest, it was a little discouraging at first because I was trying to find where my Pokemon were coming from, I wasn't getting Pokemon from my Seed at all. I have to thank TwilightBlade for the information that NPC's reset when you go onto a route and the method of biking up to the Day Care man.

    It also helped a bit to determine the starting frame by calculating the IVs of the first egg you receive. For some strange reason though, after I found the actual starting frame and hard reset my game, I didn't hit my seed after starting my game. I don't know why or how (I'm 100% certain I pressed A on the exact second) but I didn't hit my seed o.o. I guess you need to go through everything multiple times to get your good pokemon.. Oh, and my target frame was only seven off of my initial frame, LUCKY! :D

    I read about the challenge and it sounded interesting.. But I can't go and RNG a Mewtwo >.< I don't know how to RNG in Firered plus my Firered is at the beginning of the game. I guess I could go for SoulSilver but I'd have to start all over on that as well xD Too many Pokemon on there to just start over without transferring them though Maybe I can find someone to help me out. Also, the reason it would have to be Mewtwo is the fact that it's my favorite Pokemon, it has been ever since I played Red. Ahh.. The days when you could have a Mewtwo with Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Ice beam, Psychic and completely own the Elite 4 over and over with a pitiful nature.. Loved those childhood memories.

    By the way, this is post #2 so I think staying here is upping my post count perfectly

    EDIT: I think TwilightBlade's guide is twenty times better than Smogon's. ^-^