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    Dudy's Heart Gold Journal
    Part 1

    First, i decide to get a cyndaquil as my starter. I name him Vandal. Me and vandal head for Mr. Pokemon's house. Passing through Cherrygrove, i get a tour by a fast old man. Then he gives me running shoes! Lets get going Vandal! After talking with Mr. Pokemon and Prof. Oak, i get the Pokedex and head home. Suddenly, i get a call from Elm saying he got robbed! I rush to the lab, and see this menacing red haired guy. We battle and i notice he has a totodile...ELM'S TOTODILE!!! Afterwards, i rush to the lab. The cop there says that I did the crime. WHAT?! then, Lyra defends me. Now, the commotion is over, and i show Mr. Pokemon's Egg. Elm jumps back in shock, and then he gives me awesome advice: To take the Gym Challenge! I was so excited! I ran off and beat a butt load of trainers forcing my way to Violet City. My mom calls and tells me bye. It's Dark, and i see a bunch of Hoot Hoot, so i catch one and name it Knockerz. Just in time too. I make it to the city and my first move is toward the center and then the mart. I buy 7 potions, and 7 pokeballs. Now its time to burn some Bellsprouts at sprout tower. Oh wait...Vandal hasn't learned ember yet!! It's up to Knockerz to peck our way to the top...Now I see the Red head guy, Lavir. He beat the elder...WELL SO CAN I!! I walk up to the elder, ready to rumble. Knockerz does most of the work, but for the old man's Hoot Hoot, I need Vandal's new Ember!(Well, i don't NEED it, but it sure would help!) Anyway, i win the fight and use the escape rope in the corner. Falkner, you next! I need to do a little grinding for my team. I finally get to beat Falkner...and i...LOST?! b-but i can't lose! DAMNIT! i need a mareep. After hours of hunting, i find nothing but a damn Wooper. Don't get me wrong, i love these Pokemon. It's highly regarded in my book, but i want an electric type! I turn to Vandal, and it holds it's head can i! Time to whup some butt! I run up to Falkner, and we have an epic battle! Vandal was the star player, but Knockerz sunk the winning hit! Now i have the Zephyr Badge! Time to make my way to Azela Town!


    Vandal Level 12

    Knockerz Level 11

    Bubblez Level 6


    Nerum's Monotype Challenge