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    Originally Posted by AngelZodiac View Post
    Simple enough, I honestly don't see why the game has to be this random though O_o I guess it's to stop people from abusing the RNG system and to make it seem more random but the latter isn't a real problem. Also do you think it would be better for me to have a rufflet with 30 Sp.Attack or just the 13? I went with 13 because the frame was low but 30 would look nice =o
    If you think it looks cool do it! It's not as fun if it isn't challenging to get there, sometimes I want to throw my DS in frustration, but the harder the stuff you try and RNG (higher seeds, 12-15 second range, key-presses) the more you learn; and faster. You'll feel happier when you hit the seed and frame as well . I can try to give you tips about hitting your seed time, one such is that when you're trying to hit a delay you can sometimes preempt the time or not act quickly enough. What I'm trying to say is don't try and hit the exact second as it lands, because you might overcompensate and press too early, just hit it when you see it tick, and, provided you don't have .5 second reflexes, you'll be fine. Also, if you have key-presses I've found that the order seems to be important. Maybe I just focus harder when I follow an order, but I like to press in the order RNGReporter prints, and let go in reverse (so B-Select-Left is pressed in that order and released as Left-Select-B). It's probably just a stupid superstitious ritual, but it's helped me so idk, might work for you too. Most importantly though is try and make it fun, and don't focus exclusively on RNG'ing have a TV show or Music running in the background, that way you have something to focus on when you're mindlessly advancing your frame, I say mindlessly because you just work with your left and right hands at the same time, one on the numpad in notepad or whatever and the other on the d-pad, press one, press the other, that way you don't have to think.

    tl;dr RNG challenging pokemon, don't stress over hitting seed time, key-pressing in order might help, have something else to focus on when doing the mindless sh*t, make the mindless sh*t reflexive.

    This is all from me RNG'ing in B/W, so idk how much of it is relevant.