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I like charmander so for me it doesn't really matter but I think you should be able to use any starter.

Username: Deadwards
Game: Red
Character Name: Red
Rival Name: Blue
Fossil Choice: Kabuto
Hitmon Choice: Hitmonlee
Eeveelution: None (Don't know yet)

New Update:
- Recieved Charmander, nicknamed "Hanzo"
- Defeated Blue in Pallet Town
- Defeated Blue in Route 22
- Hanzo(Charmander) evolved on Lv16 into a Charmeleon
- Defeated Brock

New Update:
- Received Dome Fossil in Mt Moon
- Defeated Blue on Nugget Bridge
- Defeated Misty
- Hanzo(Charmeleon) evolved at Lv36 into a Charizard
- Defeated Blue on S.S Anne
- Obtained Cut and taught it to Hanzo
- Defeated L.T. Surge