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"Black box text: Iris' challenge!! Overcome the fear of Ice-Types!
Aspiring to be a Dragon Master, Iris dislikes Ice-Type Pokemon. She also disdains cold places, but.....

A huge incident occurs at the Ferroseed research facility. By accident, the moss that Ferroseed created has spread thoughout the city. If it can't be put under control quickly, it will escalate....
Furthermore, Iris is trapped on the research facility's roof! Iris teams up with Vanilluxe!? Escape from the approaching moss!
Iris' Pokemon are in a huge pinch due to the approaching moss. At that moment, the Vanilluxe that was together with Iris launches an attack that wipes out the moss!
The moss can be crystallized and broken with Ice-type techniques! With Ice-type moves, they can stand up to the moss! Iris works together with the Vanilluxe she dislikes!
Iris' rival Langley works together with her Tsunbear, to lend assistance!"

Airdate: May 31st

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