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Nice Rufflets! You're really coming along quickly -- good luck with more abuses.

I'd like to present my entry for the challenge:

Porygon2 ♁ Lv. 1 ★
OT: Ginny | ID: 51120
Nature: Modest
Ability: Download
IVs: 31, 0, 31, 31, 31, 31 Dragon 68
EVs: Untrained
Moves: Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Round, Ice Beam

Porygon2 is one of the pokes that I have always relied on, at least in battle, because of the fantastic addition of the eviolite. I don't have a Poke that I've always relied on since I took a twelve year break from Pokemon and then didn't come back until last year so... yeah. I really love this little duck and it's not really scared of anything. I was on PO one time and it traced a Shedinja's Wonder Guard xD That was a lot of fun! I decided to rng an offensive one this time with Download and Modest because I don't have one yet and I think it would be a lot of fun to try it out.