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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    Awwwww cute fluffy birds. I love Rufflet. He's ruffly. :> Chirp. And I love Mac's Pory2 cause I helped evolve it and it's a virtual duck. Though I found Round an odd choice of move, but OH WELL.

    I have no classes today and my advisor is stupid and said "LOL SEE YOU IN MAY" and I'm already behind on registration so that's just...stupid. SO. I need to think of something to RNG. Oh, but last night I did do my first successful Pokecheck clone. Cloned my Tepig to trade with Vaporeon cause I loved dat Electrike. ;o; And I think I might clone another, EV it, and trade it to my English White. Having a Charizard is boring and last time I had Emboar, I restarted the game halfway through. I think I owe it...HMM. Maybe I should RNG Snivy.
    Well, I haven't given it the moves that I want to give it yet. The father knew round and it since it was a TM it inherited it. I am going to give it Tri-Attack, Discharge, Ice Beam, and Recover.