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    Originally Posted by pknight96 View Post
    Personally, I think that Palkia and Dialga should be pushed a rank back, and Zekrom and Giratina should be pushed forward. Especially Palkia. I watched that thing take THREE Judgements and live, then murk Arceus in ONE SHOT. Also, I think you should add RCs to the shop, or maybe even some eggs. As achievements, I think beating a Gym Leader without losing a single team member, or Defending your badge in a shut-out should be achievements.
    Nope. Giratina needs to stay at the same rank. It's amazing if you know how to use it. As for Zekrom, it's basically a physical Palkia/Reshiram. It should stay in the same rank. The only pokemon that need to have their rank changed are the Deoxys forms (they're not strong enough to compete with the ubers they share their rank with), Thundurus (lower), and Blaziken (higher).

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