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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
I wonder if they should had revealed Shizui way before Homika so he can get some spotlight too. He's being overshadowed haha. Some pictures would be nice to view of both. They are, for sure, the future! xD

Homika! <3 I don't know much about Shizui so there's not much I could comment on about him, but Homika is a whole different story. From her guitar alone it seems obvious she'll be using a Scolipede (the bottom of the guitar = tails, the neck of the guitar = horns, the colour is the same, etc :3) and her hair almost resembles a tied-up rubbish bag, possibly hinting at the use of a Trubbish? Based on this I'd love her team! Then hopefully she'll get a cool Pokemon or two from the previous gens, maybe an Arbok since her personality seems quite sharp and jabbing, and maybe a Toxicroak to compliment her love of music? I dunno, these are very rough guesses, but it's the best I can think of for now x]