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HP Fighting isn't bad, it gives you coverage over the 4x effectiveness rock types that will ruin your day, even if flying types still hate you.
idk who'd wanna use it for that though. :(

Hey quick question, if I take a scizor with bug bite and breed it with a ditto, will the scyther have bug bite?
If it's a male Scizor it should, but only if it's an egg move or a learned move I think. Because you can't pass gen IV move tutor moves, sadly. :( That's why I need to learn how to RNG good IVs in gen IV and not just shiny eggs lol...I hope the move tutors make a return in B2W2.

I'll trade with you Syd after I've gone for a walk, which should be in an hour or two. Also I managed to RNG a shiny flawless Feebas.
Too bad I wasn't around then, haha. :( A walk sounds good tbh though. I should have taken one today. I guess if you count walking around most of Walmart, then I suppose I did take a walk.

edit: Just got this. Lots of chatter advancements involved, so I'm happy it only took two tries to get it haha.

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