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    Originally Posted by Xulek View Post
    Name - Xulek
    Your Gym Leader- Lt. Surge
    Your Partner Pokemon - Electivire (Babe) & Electrode (Bubbles)

    Reason For Joining - I've always had a great deal of respect for most if not all of the Gym Leaders ever since I was a wee boy and they've always given me a memorable fight whenever I came to challenge one of them.

    Homika does look pretty interesting at first glance though, hope she's among the first of the Gym Leaders you face in B2W2 tbh and I'm definitely praying for a rematch with her after the game is completed.

    Hope I can join btw.
    Sure you can join! Nice to know I'm not the only Electric trainer, for now lol

    Lt. Surge is just badass. If it wasn't for Elesa, "The Shining Beauty," I'd for certain pick him as my leader! What's your opinion on Lt. Surge? Did you see the impressive Pikachu vs Raichu battle of the Anime? I remember it clearly. Pikachu lost and wanted to prove that he doesn't NEED to be Raichu to beat Lt. Surge's Raichu. Man that was a great episode, perfect I might say!